What is WinPOS?

WinPOS is an End to End point of sale system which is designed to empower your business.

It has been developed for over a decade and iOM constantly adds new features while enhancing existing features.

Product Management

WinPOS is capable of handling unlimited SKUs, without any performance issue.

Touch Screen Support

WinPOS utilises touchscreen feature for over half a decade. However, we have re-designed the WinPOS from scratch to support touch gestures such as Swipe, Pan and Zoom, Long Tap, Multi-touch.


For every business, Promotion Management is crucial. Hence we have integrated various promotion types that can be configured using the backend. For example, WinPOS can handle complex promotions such as Bundle promotions, Buy X and get Y free, Discount Promotions, Loyalty Promotions, Point Promotions, Voucher Promotions etc.

Multiple Payment Types

With WinPOS, your customers can pay using multiple payment types including any combination of Credit Cards, Cash, Debit Cards, Gift Vouchers etc.


WinPOS is integrated with iOM Retailigence. However, as we have provided powerful APIs, it can be integrated with Popular ERPs such as SAP, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics without any hassle.

Offline Mode Support

WinPOS Supports running offline without connecting to main server. This ensures that network connectivity issue will not affect your business.

Real Time Communication

Once configured, WinPOS can run on Real-Time mode. This enables Real time update of stocks, Loyalty Point updates, Loyalty Customer update, Returns instantaneously.

What’s More:

  • Multiple Terminals per Store
  • Dual Display Support
  • User and Role Management
  • Fast Checkout
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Skinnable User Interface
  • Merchandising purchasing
  • Wholesaling
  • Style, colour, size, fit dimensions
  • Hand held terminal data capture