A Report Writer is a software that allows you to extract data from a database and format and produce reports. Certain Report Writers are built into branded Application Software Systems and are solely for use with that system, while others can generally be used with any Application database.

When deciding on a Report Writer it is best to look for one that does not require Programing or Technical Knowledge, as otherwise it would need the IT Department to create reports for you. Like most IT Departments, requests for urgent information comes from every nook and corner of the Organisation and your request ends up being at the end of the queue and may take days or even weeks before being fulfilled.

In this day and age where business is as competitive as can be, one needs to be pro-active, and timely information is the key. Therefore choosing a Report Writer that non-technical staff can use is of utmost importance. The Report Writer should be capable of creating the extraction process of the required information desired and also allow the capability of filtering the result. Summary Reports with the capability to drill down is required and the ability to ‘Export’ it as an Excel Sheet, a Word document or PDF is also desirable and an added advantage would be to schedule and email Reports.